Thursday, October 22, 2009

Woman of Responsibility

Vs. 15
She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household,
And plan the day's work for her servant girls.

Isn't it cool how God's timing is ALWAYS perfect!? Well it is, and His timing in studying this verse could have come at any better of a time for me. To be honest, I was just sitting in church when I felt the Lord speaking to me for the millionth time about setting my priorities straight. Ive been doing a whole of talking and thinking about doing some work with my schedule, responsibilities, and my SELFISHNESS, but very little action has been put behind it. Faith without works is dead, and tonight I felt as if the Lord spoke to me and said its time to work. Time to act and time to put myself aside and allow Him to move in my day to day life. There's only so little the Lord can do when YOU plan your daily activities and only allow just enough time to get YOUR agenda done.

I desire so badly to become that girl or woman who loves getting up early, spending the first hour/s of her day with the Lord, and because of that allowing her priorities for that day to be set by Him. As of right now, I'm doing good to get out of bed in time to shower before my "to dos" for the day....and after pressing snooze for an hour and half, that's pushing it!

Godly women are responsible. And not just being responsible for ourselves, but allowing selflessness to take over and putting our responsibility to God and to others. We need to strive in using the time God's allotted to us wisely. Most of the time (or probably all of the time), its going to take personal sacrifices to ensure that our households, friends, and ministries are attended to daily. And sometimes its going to require getting up a little earlier than we'd like, but we do it anyways because our responsibility is to God and not to ourselves. When I lay in bed for an extra hour because I cant get my hand off of the snooze button, I'm only looking out for my best interest....... because "I think I need extra sleep."

I promise you, if you take your eyes off yourself, God will take care of you better than you could even imagine caring for yourself. We must be diligent and obedient and allow God some space to move throughout our day.
Praying you God gives you strength and grace to surrender your day to Him.....I'll let you know how it goes for me.

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