Thursday, October 15, 2009

Woman of Knowledge and Wisdom

She is like a merchant's ship,
bringing her food from afar.

Once again, every time Id read this verse in the past I assumed it meant something a lot more literal than what I have recently been shown. I had always pictured this woman going to extremes to gather food for her family. Although, I do firmly believe in cooking healthy options for your family so their bodies/temple are well nourished in order to do what Gods called you and your family to do; this verse takes the concept of being nourished a step further.

The Lord refers to His Word as bread and living water. Both are used to nourish our bodies. As women, and men as well, we are to set out by diving into God's word, asking Him to pour His wisdom and knowledge into us, so that we're able to feed knowledge and wisdom to our children and husbands. Scripture tells us that people without knowledge will perish. If we are lacking knowledge and wisdom, not only will we perish but so will our families. It is Satan's job to deceive us by feeding us lies. However, we're full on God's Word we will have very little room if any at all to feast off of the enemy's deception. We as women want to feast of off God's Word so that we can easily divide truth from lies. And in knowing both spiritual and natural things, our families will not be led astray.

A strong woman of God goes afar in seeking after Him and His will. Those who seek find!

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