Thursday, October 29, 2009

Woman of Good Stewardship

Vs. 16
She considers a field and buys it;
out of her earnings she plants of a vineyard.

Ive really been struggling with the context of this verse, because unlike the others; my study aid takes this verse literal and uses it to explain this woman as an entrepreneur. If you know me at all, the last thing I dream of doing is starting or owning my own business. I understand the importance of working and earning money to give back to God in whatever way He calls you to, BUT the "work force" is not something that is totally appealing to me. The previous verse (verses 10-15) are ones Ive always strive to achieve.........but running a business.........never been on the agenda. However, if that's what it calls to obtain the qualities of this Proverbs 31 woman, I guess now will be the time the Lord might do some rearranging in my spirit.

But like I said the woman who wrote the book that Ive been using to help guide me through this study, sees this particular Scripture as one that describes this woman as someone who uses her gifts and talents to start and own a business. And with the income the business produces, this woman gives all of it back to the Lord. Amazing! But the more I pray and ask God to reveal Himself to me, personally, through this Scripture I felt as if I kept getting the word stewardship.

Verse 15 implies that this woman considers and some translation say "inspects" a field and then buys it. Unlike most of us women, or at least myself, I tend to do a lot of impulse, unwise shopping and buying. Because of that, I struggle with being a good steward of my money and my income. But Scripture says that the Proverbs woman inspects/considers, meaning she probably thinks and prays, before she makes a purchase. And then it goes on to say that with her earnings (income) she plants a vineyard. A vineyard was something that was highly valued because it provided the finest fruits. Therefore I believe Scripture is encouraging us to not only spend our money carefully and wisely; but to invest into a ministry or into other people that will cause fruit bearing. Theres not a whole lot of fruit bearing that comes from a new pair of jeans, a piece of furniture, etc. Not that those things are wrong, BUT our first priority in spending our income should be on that in which the Kingdom will be enhanced.
All the money we earn belongs to God. And Its technically not our money to spend on whatever we desire......therefore once we learn to be good stewards of money through faithfully tithing, offering, and selflessly giving away; the Lord will give to us in abundance because He knows that He can trust us with His money. "To whom much is given, much is required" Luke 12:28

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