Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkins and Pajamas

We've kicked Fall into full gear around here, and after an adventurous trip to the Pumpkin Patch; I promised Miss Priss we'd get all the girls back together Wednesday night to carve the pumpkins we gathered from the farm.
BUT before I go any further into our evening of pumpkin carving, I have to share with you about a "stage" this little chick has entered into......
Tuesday night Kaley had been asked to finish her homework before playing with the neighbors after school. Kaley scattered off and both her mom and Mimi had assumed she was tucked away in her room busy at work. When about 45 minutes passed and neither one had seen or heard any evidence of Kaley (if you know her, you're fully aware that is extremely unusual), they began to look around the house in search for her. She was nowhere to be found, so they thought for sure that she had finished up her schoolwork and let herself outside to play with the neighborhood kids. Mom and Mimi went outside to walk up and down the sidewalk asking all the kids if they had seen Kaley. When the majority of the kids proceeded with a "no," the nerves kicked in and in 15 minutes the entire neighborhood was searching for her. After about 45 minutes of scouting for Kaley, the police were called to come out to help. The police looked and looked and Kaley was still nowhere to be found. So, the police took out his "body heat detector" (don't know if that's the proper name for it) and began sensing throughout the house.

When about 20 minutes had passed, the officer's handy tool detected her little body sound asleep behind the couch! Kaley "really didn't feel like doing her homework" so she hid behind the couch and fell sound asleep. Glad someone was consumed with peace during this 2 hour scare. What are we gonna do with her?After some delicious potato casserole
completing the Fall decor
preparing for our guest
and raiding the attic for costumes
we got busy!
As you see Kaley is not only sporting her my carved pumpkin, but she sported this 1970s majorette outfit all night long! The idea for the night was to carve pumpkins in our pajamas, but she insisted on wearing her new "costume" to set the Halloween mood.
While the girls were busy completing their masterpieces, I stayed in the kitchen whipping up the seeds from our pumpkins. Added a little butter with some salt and cinnamon, and if I don't say so myself.....they were pretty tasty.
As most of you know, I LOVE the Holidays, but most of all the company and festitivies they bring.
Hope everyone a good week and if I happen to pop into your head this weekend, say a prayer for me! Because for the first time in my life I'll be spending my Saturday afternoon and night here........
NO I'm not a trader, just being a good sport :) Hope you have a great weekend!

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