Monday, October 26, 2009


Mandy. As you'll see, Mandy and I not only go WAY back; but since we were in the first grade we've been inseperately. The pictures tell all and please know that my level of vulernability has increased drastically by posting some of these pics......and Im sure Mandy's has too. Mandy and I had so much in common (and still do), we could literally have spent every single day together in the summer and every weekend together during the school year. And from what I recall, thats exactly what we did...... swithing up days and weekends spending the night together at each other houses.
And if we werent dressed just alike from head to toe (what an outfit huh?).......
we made sure we didn't leave the house dressed at least somewhat similar. We were so adamant about it, our moms wouldn't shop without shopping for the other.....therefore our closets looked a whole lot alike. If we were at dance 3-4 times a week, we were away on shopping trips with our moms or at home playing house. We both have always dreamed of being moms and could pretend for hours upon hours either playing with our baby dolls, or torturing her younger sister. We later went our seperate ways to rival schools, but after retiring the dance costumes because of our demanding cheerleading schedules; we had the privieldge of either playing against one another in football or completing against one another at cheerleading competitions.
Mandy got married 2 Decembers ago and I had the priviledge of being in her wedding.

and eighteen years later not much has changed except our looks and I think thats probablly a good thing......Im sure you all agree.

Babies, fashion, decorating, and of course the Lord still consume our conversations and I pray that eighteen years from now it'll still be the same.

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  1. Thats so sweet :) I love all of the pics from the past :)