Monday, October 12, 2009


Deidra aka Deig. I could probably fill this post with more pictures than words; because I feel we've traveled the world together in a matter of a year. From multiple trips to Atlanta and the beach to a somewhat sporadic trip to LA this past February, we've done a good bit of coverage of the east and west coast in the past year. We LOVE to travel and I'm so thankful for friends like her who love to pick up and go. If we think of something we "might" want to do or somewhere we "might" want to go, we're pretty much 10 for 10 in making those dreams a reality. And I don't know one other person who is sassier with the spunkiest personality that makes each trip leading to another one. She makes the best company. Words don't express the fun, the laughter, the encounters , etc. that could keep me telling stories for days. Don't worry, I wont even begin. But we do have a BLAST together on and off the road/plane; and this habit that we've created of "taking off," we truly give God the glory. Sounds silly.......but we've agreed on numerous occasions that it is HE that has provided for a couple 22-24 year olds to travel big cities numerous times a year. We dont make that kind of money......believe me!
More than an awesome travel buddy, Deidra is probably one of my biggest accountability partners. We met a couple years ago while I was finishing up my last semester at Auburn and she was currently at Auburn finishing up her Freshman or Sophomore year debating on whether or not to transfer to Southeastern Bible College. We both graduated from Trussville, but since shes a youngin, I think I was out of there before she even got up to the High School. However, you'd NEVER think she was 3-4 years younger than me. She is full of wisdom and craves God's Word more than anyone I know. I often find myself jealous over her love for His Word. Its incredible. Last Fall we had the priviledge to lead a Bible Study together, and I know I learned just as much from her as our girls did. She is such a pure example for ALL of us.Her passion for the Lord is so contagious and Id have to say that God has used her more than shell ever realize to influence me to dig deeper into my Word. I'm so blessed by her zeal and I cant wait to see which direction the Lord takes this friendship both Spiritually and physically. I have a feeling we've set a steady pace that will keep truckin' on into the future. When you get 2 girls together who share so much in common with the Spirit and in similar hobbies......its hard to keep us in one place.
I thank God everyday for the priviledge to "do life" with my little Deig.

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  1. Heather God has truely blessed you with wonderful friends but he has also blessed you with a great family. When will we "meet" your brothers?