Thursday, September 24, 2009

Women of Trust and Support

Vs. 11
Her husband can trust her.
And she will greatly enrich his life.

Verse 11 talks about the solid trust her husband has in her. The more integrity we walk in, the more solid our character is, which results in the more trust people can place in us. Think about it, it’s hard to trust someone who teeters on the verge of lying, who doesnt follow through with their word, isnt consist with their plans, etc. So because of her character and integrity, her husband never has a reason to question her, and he is able to put his full trust in her.

Our husbands or future husbands need to trust us with the big and small things of life for instance…..

I'll speak from a personal issue.....most of us women LOVE to shop (especially this girl), but our husbands should be able to trust us with the household affairs. Meaning, that we should be very responsible in our spending by not wasting our families resources. This woman’s husband trusted her with everything…..even their finances!! That's a challenge for myself, that I'm personally working on as we speak. NOT EASY!

For the non-married: this book suggests that while we are still single, preparing for our spouses; we should “practice” our house-keeping skills and position ourselves for the Lord to work on our integrity and character. The “wife” anointing doesn’t fall on us the second we say “I DO.” And if you're already married.....its never too late to start :).

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