Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Warning: You May Get Jealous

Saturday morning we'll be leaving the 'Ham bright and early to head South to Orlando (that's not what I'm asking you to refrain from being jealous about.....bare with me). Since we're leaving at sunrise on Saturday, and with a pretty busy week ahead of me; I thought Id get ahead of the game and start some packing. I had a small audience keeping me company as I pulled things out of my closet to pack in my suitcase. Knowing of the WIDE variety that my wardrobe consists of, they challenged me to find and put on the "most hideous" thing I could find in my closet. I, of course, took them up on their challenge and much to their surprise.......
they saw a side of my wardrobe they had never seen before. Some good ole' classics back from junior high/ high school that Ive held on to.......I'm pray the spirit of envy doesn't come over you. Take a look.
and last but not least.......
God Bless America. Or you're probably thinking, God bless YOU. Now, I know you're also probably wondering if these shirts are up for grabs. Unfortunately, they're not. No, I'm not saving them to wear for a special occasion; I'm holding on to them for my daughter/s one day. Not to wear......because she'll probably react just like you did. It was always so much fun digging through the things my mom used to wear when she was a teenager, and thought maybe my daughter will want to do the same one day. So there you go. My audience lost their breathe on numerous occasions during my fashion show. Some of them couldn't believe I actually wore these. Guess it was strictly a "Trussville" thing. And I apologize for the headless shots.......no shower, therefore wasn't picture ready.

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