Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet My Friend......

Bre (Breanna). I love this girl and I'm more than thankful to have her apart of my life. She has taught me unconditional love, compassion, youthfulness, faith, and so much; and to be 17 years old shes one of the BIGGEST encourager I know. Bre is a junior in high school, and loves the Lord with everything inside of her. I wish I would have had half of her desire and passion when I was high school. She is set apart and leads that high school with her Godly example.
Bre was a "faithful" attender to a Bible Study a friend and I taught a year ago. Bre says she thought I was "cool" but I think what drew her to me is my elementary teaching....she KNEW Id be able to hang with a high schooler...... it doesn't take much to get me on that level. Really, it was the Lord! I had always prayed to have a "disciple" that I could pour into what Christy had been pouring into me all these years. That's the gospel (making disciples and raising up another generation) and I prayed for the opportunity to live it out. So God put Bre in my life. Not sure if she actually learns anything from me, but I pray that the through me, God will impact her life like my has been over the ten + years.

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