Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Keepin' It Classy and Spicy

Haley gets married in less than two weeks, and we are so excited for her and Michael! Friday night we threw her a lingerie shower to help her prepare for the honeymoon. At this season of my life, I'm attending a WHOLE lot of wedding showers and parties, but this shower has to be my favorite. And its such a blessing to celebrate nights like these with a group of girls who understand the pure "intimacy" and the special, sacred gift of sex inside marriage. Its such a special gift from God and theres nothing dirty about it. So we like to keep things clean and classy.....
We cherish Haley's friendship and cant wait to watch God continue to pour His blessings into their lives.
Switching gears for a second......

I wanted to introduce you to some new tunes. Their name is Oceans Above, and I came across them the other night while I was searching for songs on iTunes. They've taken original Hymns and other worship songs and have added their own techno? tranquil? sound to it. I don't think I'm choosing the right words to describe the sound of their music, so you'll just have to check them out on iTunes when you can. They're pretty different and thought maybe id help you spice things up on your Ipod.

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