Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Home Improvement #1

With several hundreds of trips to Lowes, a few visits to ZGallerie, Pier1, and PotteryBarn; Id say the house is rounding its way to completion. There are still some odds and ends to be purchased and some wall decor that's missing; but overall I can finally see the "big picture" Ive been envisioning about for so long.
Living Room Before:
After with some minor changes :)
Replaced these bamboo treatments
with these panels and a room darkener.
Replaced the 1990 ceiling fan
with this modern thing.
The pictures speak for itself.
We've been working hard for about 4 or 5 months now and here is Isaiah, who along with many other guys, were so loyal to help out bunch of us girls who did a lot of pretending of knowing what were doing. Thank you, Guys!!!
We had our first Small Group get together Saturday night and had a blast loosing our voices and breaking a sweat over Catch Phrase and the many other games we played. The girls loved the house too and we pray that God continues to use it for His glory. We want nothing more than it to be a place for girls to feel loved, accepted, and encouraged.
Hard work has definitely paid off!!

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