Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday FUN

Theres nothing like spending a full day of fun with my favorite kiddos......
and hanging out at Chick-Fil-A.
Then ending the day with this sassy thing
at the Alabama State Fair.
and its a good thing we showed up, because these little things were starvinKaley selflessly took some time to fill there bellies
and they jumped over each other (literally) to get to her hand.
Im always a little hesitate about the food selection at any theme park. Needless to say, that drastically increase when I saw a sign for this! I thought the sound/looks of funnel cakes and those turkey legs made my stomach turn......
We fortunately pass them up and settled for this....... obviously a little more appetizing?
After this brave girl rode everything
she crashed before we could crank the car.......
We had a blast!
Thumbs up to a great time at the fair! We had a blast and are actually contemplating returning for the second time this weekend. Never been a huge fan of fairs, but to my surprise it was extremely safe, clean, fun, and well-worth the money.

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