Monday, September 7, 2009

For the Ladies:

I think a lot of us girls can probably count on all ten of our fingers the amount of times we've study the Proverbs 31 woman. And then after studying her, we've made up our minds that we were gonna become just like her. What an awesome inspiration and goal! But in my community, the scriptures have always seemed more fun to incorporate in paintings or in sweet little notes than truly applying this truth to our everyday life. And when the Lord asked me to study this portion of scripture again, my first reaction was "been there and done that, God." "I study that when I was in college and when I get married I'll then figure out what shes all about."

I guess since I'm not married yet, I grew deceived into thinking that this part of the Word could be put on hold til I met my husband and became a wife. First things first, NO scripture should ever be put on hold for certain seasons of life. Every part of God's Word is life, and without every bit of it we're completely life-less. Yes, there are certain parts of Scripture that will minister more than others in certain areas of life, but I don't believe that God wrote 66 books to only have a couple of them read and applied. So, last night after this convo I had with the Lord, I pulled this book off the shelf and began some studying. And much to my surprise, I realized that the character describe in this chapter goes beyond that of a "good wife" and a "good mother." Her character is defined by her self-control and her discipline which allowed submitting to Lord, first and foremost, and then submitting to her husband must easier than it tends to be for some of us.

"Our behavior, which build our character, affects area of our life. When we take on the character of Christ, as this woman does, we will become established in all things- from our physical body, finances and careers to our relationships."- E.R. Reid
And that portion of the book put in perfect words why I feel like God led me to study this chapter once that my character as a woman and a believer will be shaped and mirrored after that of Christ's.
We're diggin' in and praying we go deep.

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