Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer ReCap

I came to the realization that Summer is rounding its way off into Fall. Everyone from school-aged to college-aged kids are back in full swing of school and football season is around the corner. Those HOT/SCORCHING summer day and nights have come to end. By no means am I complaining, because I love Fall!!! And Ive been waiting for the Fall season since the first bead of sweat dripped down my face back in May. However, this Summer was packed full of blessings and memories, and I wouldn't replace a single day or night spent with family and friends here in town and traveling the world.

So here's to a great Summer spent all over the place and since its such a long post I put ya up a little song, and yes its country....hope you make it to the end.

The Beach
My niece's arrival
Summer Weddings
Basement Location Change
Visit from Hillsong
Conferences: Karen Kingbury
North Carolina: Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, and Priscilla Shirer
Virginia Beach: Trip 1Virginia Beach: Trip 2
Washington DC
House Remodeling
Working Playing with the boys
Nights with Friends
Birthday Parties
Weekends at the Lake
On to FALL.....

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