Friday, August 7, 2009

A "Fun Day"

Since this little squirt starts the beginning of her school year as a big second grader next week, we're spending a "fun day" at the Trussville Water Park today. Cant believe shes gotten so big!
And this monirng I finished this book.......

it took me a couple of months to go through it because each section ministered to me so much I had to take it page by page. This book has reminded me that God wants to reveal Himself to us more than we want to know Him and His plans for our lives. There is not one misstep that can frustrate His providential plan for us. I minimize the power of the Holy Spirit so much in my life, but God spoke to me through this book by reminding me that when we chase the "wild goose" aka the Holy Spirit; our future becomes His responsibility. And thats the way I want it. Highly recommend it.

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