Sunday, August 2, 2009

He IS Too Good for Words

Early Thursday morning we packed up the 'burban aka Suburban for you non-Alabama folks and headed up North for a Deeper Still Conference. And wow! It was worth the entire 7 hours and 44 minute drive. The chances of "waisting" a trip when SOUND, WISE teachers such as Kay Arthur
preach nothing but Truth from God's word, is very slim. His presence was thick and His message to me was so GOOD and refreshing. We arrived Greensboro, North Carolina Thursday evening , and kicked off the trip with a Japanese dinner with one of our new friends Will.
Will is Karen Kingbury's manager. We met back in May of this year when Karen and her crew traveled to Birmingham to speak at an E-Womens Conference. I had the priviledge of hosting them while they were here, and they are some of the most fun, encouraging people I have ever been around. It is so refreshing to see well-known Christian authors, speakers, singers, etc. live a lifestyle surrendered and sold out to Christ in and out of the spotlight.
These girls NEVER turn down a mani and a pedi no matter where we are. It just so happened that we were all in need of one or the other. So before showering up for the conference, we made a quick pit stop at Angel Nail where we met our friend Jose' who was glad to cooperate in a couple pictures for us.......
There are several things that always hit the core of my heart when I go to these conferences. Im a cryer dont get me wrong, but when I see women like these FLOOD the altar with tears streaming down their faces in need of healing for past or mostly present hurts; Im done! Everything in me falls apart in grief over their pain. Out of 13,ooo you see anything from diseased loved ones to women struggling with unsaved husbands. And since I struggle with the Messiah syndrome (wanting to fix everyone's problems), I become a ball full of mess right there with them
We had the opporunity to ask all the women attending to the conference to pray for Christy and her family who have been effected by Lyme Disease for the past few years. Christy has been my mentor since I was a Sophormore/Junior in high school. I am beyond thankful for her, and so blessed she was able to be with me this weekend. No one has ever poured more of their life into me than this woman has.
And a road trip just isnt complete with out a stop at THE
for some good greasy breakfast and some old tunes from the jukebox......
There is nothing better than hearing from God and experiencing life changing moments with some of the most important people in your life. The belly-aching laughs, getting the "good" seats, good food, a vacation from routine life, slumbering in a nice hotel, great teachers, and intimate worship is all fulfilling in itself, but being reminded that its HE is good and enough all by himself is life to the soul!
Thumbs up for a great trip!

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  1. So glad ya'll had a great time and of course I had no doubt it would great!

    Heather you are beautiful inside and out! Love you girl!

    PS I suffer from Messiah syndrome too and turn into a ball of mess when I see people hurting!