Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Over the past couple months or so, I have had handfuls of people express their concern of my love addiction to Diet Coke. I wouldn't claim an addictive personality, but my taste buds have found Diet Coke to be something they just cant seem to live without. Even after hearing of people who have suffered from aspartame poisoning....didn't think there was such a thing, oh, but there is; I still struggled with the transition from DC to water or another form a liquid in that sense. And when I say I am was addicted, I mean I was throwing back anywhere from 5-10 a day!!! Pretty gross huh?!?! I would make a special trip to Jim N Nicks Barbecue to sit in the drive through for 10-20 minutes for a large diet coke. Might be a mental thing, but theirs taste different than any others, and it seemed to always hit the spot.

To ease the hearts of many people who have been in deep prayer over my obsession, after about sending myself and these chicks on to meet our Father, Ive been convinced/convicted to lay down the addiction and find a healthier drink of choice.
We were driving home from a delicious dinner at Macaroni Grill around 9:30 last night. In the midst of a great, intense conversation, I flipped on my turning signal and decided to switch lanes. Thank you, Lord, for my two "backseat drivers" not just any "backseat drivers" but cool and calm "backseat drivers," who asked me what I was doing driving head on into ONCOMING traffic. It was a two lane highway and for some reason I thought it was okay to hop in the other lane? And for some other odd reason, the 4 cars coming straight toward us with their head lights ON did not even phase me.......I quickly got back over in my lane and drove in shock the rest of the way home. Thank God they were cool and calm because had they freaked and screamed, which is what I knew they wanted to do, the ending of the story could have ended completely different Needless to say, I was "driving under the influence" of aspartame from the numerous Diet Cokes I had a dinner. I'm laying down the addiction and going to try my best to find another drink of choice that might save me from the effects of "aspartame poisoning." And for those of you who think I might just simply be crazy, I did some research. And If your interested read below.......there are MANY side effects but here are the ones Ive noticed......

Memory Loss****

And even if I don't really have aspartame poisoning, it wont hurt to make a healthier choice of drinking water and maybe a sweat teat here and there :).

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  1. Congratulations, Heather!! Glad to hear you are getting the addiction out of your life. Blessings to you during this time. I love you!!! :))