Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ive decided to join some of my friends, personal and distant, in sharing my day to day life through more than an uploaded picture on Facebook. Facebook seems to be the ongoing, most common source of keeping tabs on one another. I love facebook, but while a picture can "say a million words," a lot of times there is much more to say. God has brought me to a place where He has been revealing the importance of living a life that is ability for teaching and encouraging the people around me through my level of vulnerability. Pictures usually capture the smiles, the excitement, and the fun times of life. While those pictures are very encouraging and ministers that following Jesus is loads of fun, sometimes the most encouraging thing is to hear that there actually other Christians that struggle, suffer, and fall short of God's glory everyday! Sometimes I wonder where in this journey of following Christ did we learn that our struggles were to be hidden and shamed? Paul stresses through scripture that we are called to share in Christ's suffering. As Christy reminds me all the time...."its not IF you suffer, its WHEN you suffer..." So.....all that to say, my desire through starting this blog is to share more than the
to express my need for a constant source of light and direction in my life that only comes from Him. Regardless of seasons of trials and tribulations or laughter and joy, I want to share and minister through my everyday journey of being sanctified, loved, blessed, favored, and disciplined my Father.

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