Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Pod Reunion

I love these two girls so much and they have basically been apart of my life since the 1st grade. We spent most of grade school together, cheered and ran together all through junior high and high school, and then spent all five years living together in Auburn. Its only God's grace that has allowed us to remain close and continue to our walk through life together. We were so blessed to have lived in the cutest house that was built just for us during our senior year of high school ALL five years.......Fighting no more than over the temperture of the air conditioning :)

And since we made it into the real world (Jana and Duren at least) and have completely different schedules, we make it a point to get together at 6:15 every Thursday morning at the good ole' Cracker Barrel. Nothing like a good country breakfast and reminiscing of old memories from elementary school to college.
Why am I telling you this? Because as we speak, im craving my usual, a hot bowl of oatmeal with extra brown sugar, as Im lying in bed anticipating our gathering.

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