Monday, July 13, 2009

Perfect Love

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear."
1 John 4:18
I think its pretty safe to say that we can all admit to having that one big or little, if not more, insecurity that hangs over our head that we just cant seem to shake. Whether big or little, they're all insecurities and a lot of times these little boogers keep us from experiencing the fullness of God's love. We spend more energy stressing over our weight, our future, the color of our hair, the size of our thighs, the clothes we can or cant afford, our purpose, etc. than we do thriving off of God's love. We're a ball full of insecurities fearing everything else but God. If we can just grasp the fact that we were made in His image.....meaning we were created perfectly, the love and the power He desires to exert through us will not only flood our lives, but overwhelm the lives of others. We as Christians should be the last group of people walking around lacking confidence......we have the opportunity to cloth ourselves in Christ becoming vessels for Him to use. What more beautiful, attractive thing could you ask for?

My prayer is that we would let His love drive out all the fear we're letting control our lives. The world needs a group of people who are confident, steadfast, and unmovable to exemplify the beauty and pureness of Jesus.

Confidence is the HOTTEST thing we can put on.

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